July 1, 2001—June 30, 2002

Service Price Product Codes
CORC Search $0.385 per search Pathfinder Database CRC3728, WorldCat Derived CRC3701 and WorldCat Keyword CRC3702
CORC Scan Title in WorldCat (add $0.37 per index selected) $0.20 per scan ti CRC3703
CORC Pathfinder link use No charge
CORC Pathfinder storage, per Pathfinder per month No charge CRC3731
CORC Pathfinder Export No charge Pathfinder CRC3729
CORC Export $0.34 Bib record XML=CRC3707; MARC=CRC3715; HTML=CRC3716; Authority CRC3727
CORC First Time Use (i.e., attach holdings) $0.13 Prime Time 9-5 ET=CRC3710; Non-prime Time CRC3713; Retro Prime Time CRC3712; Retro Non-prime Time CRC3713
CORC Holdings Deletion +$.0385 credit CRC3714
CORC Display Holdings $0.38 CRC3709
CORC Original Input Dublin Core +$1.99 per record CRC3717; this equals Encoding Level 3 in MARC
CORC Original Input PCC Workform +$4.05 per record CRC3718; libraries with Enhance status for that format
CORC Original Input CAT Workform +$4.05 per record CRC3719; this equals Encoding Level I, i.e. full AACR2 with subject analysis and MARC
CORC Original Input CONSER Workform +$8.35 per record CRC3720
CORC Original Input USNP Workform +$4.05 per record CRC3720
CORC Cat Database Enrichment +$0.53 per record CRC3722
CORC PCC National Enhance Credit +$5.25 per record CRC3723
CORC Cat. Enhance Credit $5.25 per record CRC3724
CORC CONSER Upgrade Credit +$8.35 per record CRC3725
CORC USNP Upgrade Credit +$2.10 per record CRC3725
CORC Cat. Minimal Level Upgrade +$2.10 per record CRC3726; e.g. upgrade from Level 3 or Level K to Level I

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