FLICC FEDLINK PromptCat Pricing  

July 1, 2000 - June 30, 2001


1. A profiling fee is charged to establish a separate profile for each vendor you use under PromptCat. You may choose, for each vendor, either a custom or a basic profile.

Product CodeTAP2087Basic PromptCat Profile$132

2. Each PromptCat record delivered costs $1.65 (PC MLE2094). The price includes selecting the record, setting the holding symbol, editing the record, adding vendor data, archiving, creating the cataloging report and copying the MARC record to the output selected.

3. If an additional copy of the record is added to another subscription (for example, a state or agency-wide multi-institution MARC subscription), OCLC charges another $.025 (PC MLE2096).

4. If there is no match in the Online Union Catalog, you may choose to have the vendor-supplied data with a brief bibliographic record, called a "PromptCat Data Record," for $.53 (PC MLE2088).

5. Standard fees apply for the medium by which you choose to have the record delivered. If you download the records from the Product Services Web file, there is no additional charge. The Cataloging MicroEnhancer can be set to download each day's work from the PSW. Other options:

$191.00/year EDX Annual Fee (PC TAP3910)

This charge applies if you have OCLC send the records to an electronic "mailbox" for your agency to retrieve via Internet. This fee would also cover other electronic MARC subscriptions (EMS, Major Microforms, GovDoc and/or PromptCat), i.e.the EDX is not billed twice.

$.27 per card (PC CCA2093)

$32.00 per tape for 6250 BPI (PC MLE2091)

$16.00 per tape for 1650 BPI (PC MLE2092)

Tapes for other MARC subscriptions are separate and would be billed separately.

$0.25 per record for export (PC MLE2591)

This charge applies if you have the records sent to a PRISM file for review and editing, and export them one at a time via the PRISM xpo command.

6. The Cataloging Report is free of charge. It is available via the Product Services Web menu on OCLC's home page, using a current cataloging or ILL authorization/password.

For more information on PromptCat and for a copy of the order form, see


Please contact the OCLC team at askocfno@loc.gov or 202-707-4800. Fax completed order forms to FEDLINK at 202-707-4873.

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