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Description      Top

Under an approval plan, the vendor automatically sends you publications that match a profile you set up for your library's collection. You "approve" the titles you want to add to your collection and return the ones that are not appropriate for your library. You only pay for the publications you keep. Items are shipped to you at the vendor's expense, but you may need to pay shipping for returns.

Under another type of approval plan, instead of sending you the actual books, the vendor sends you slips, forms or other selection tools for titles that match your profile. You then choose which items the vendor should ship.

The specifics of the vendors' approval plans vary. Please use the information in the table below for planning purposes and contact the vendors directly for more detailed information.

Purpose of an Approval Plan      Top

Approval plans are intended to improve your library's collection development process by taking advantage of the vendors' relationships with publishers, knowledge of forthcoming titles, and vast databases of available titles. Approval plans can streamline the selection process in routine subject areas where your collection development is straightforward, and make you aware of relevant new titles in the more esoteric areas of your collection where your familiarity with the book trade may be more limited.

By changing the acquisitions workflow from up-front ordering to rejecting unacceptable titles, approval plans also significantly reduce your acquisitions paperwork.

Your Profile      Top

Your approval profile is typically set up by subject area, according to the vendor's subject thesaurus or the LC classification system. It gives other collection parameters such as format, language, place of publication, and price range. An example might be: all English-language engineering titles from US publishers, issued in hardback and costing under $150.

To be sure that your profile is effective, you should keep track of your return rate and review and update your selection criteria regularly. To check the accuracy of your profile when you first set it up, ask the vendor to run it against his database and then compare the list of titles the profile generated to the list of titles you actually purchased last year.


Please contact your vendor for detailed information.


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 AC    Academic Book Center


Wanda Jackson

5600 NE Hassalo Street

Portland, OR 97213



503-284-8859 fax


[email protected]

BN      Blackwell North America dba

             Blackwell’s Book Services


Lorraine Franco
100 University Court
Blackwood, NJ 08012


856-228-7262 fax



[email protected]

BW     Book Wholesalers, Inc.


John Hayes
1847 Mercer Road
Lexington, KY 40511




MB       Busca, Inc.


Norma Parsons
PO Box 854
Ithaca, NY 14851



607-546-4248 fax


CL       Coutts Library Services, Inc.


Mary Ellen Harris
P O Box 1000
1823 Maryland Ave.
Niagara Falls, NY 14302-1000



716-282-8627 fax


[email protected]

EP      East View Publications, Inc.


Karina Milosovich
3020 Harbor Lane North
Minneapolis, MN 55447


612-559-2931 fax

[email protected]

FB     Franklin Book Company, Inc.

Lynda McKinney
7804 Montgomery Avenue
Elkins Park, PA 19027-2796


215-635-6155 fax

[email protected]

MR    Rittenhouse Book Distributor


Michael Coyle
511 Feheley Drive
King of Prussia, PA 19406


800-223-7488 fax

[email protected]

BH     The Book House


Krista Miller
208 W. Chicago Street
Jonesville, MI 49250-1199


800-858-9716 fax

[email protected]

YB     Yankee Book Peddler, Inc. dba

              YBP Library Services


JoAnn Meyers
999 Maple Street
Contoocook, NH 03229


800-343-7413 fax


[email protected]