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Document delivery services are priced on a per-document basis. Usually, there is a flat basic fee to retrieve and deliver the document; this fee may be higher for rush or special delivery. In addition to the basic fee, the vendor may pass through any copyright royalty charges assessed by the copyright owner, and may charge an additional per-page or per-document fee for photocopying, faxing, or other special services. The FEDLINK BOA requires the vendor to notify you if a copyright charge will exceed $20.00, and to give you the opportunity to cancel your order.

Document delivery vendors may offer volume discounts for multiple copy orders or for organizations that routinely order many documents during the year.

Although private sector organizations frequently manage document delivery services by setting up deposit accounts with vendors, prepayment of Government funds into deposit accounts held by the vendor is not covered by the FEDLINK BOA. For transfer pay customers, the vendor will invoice FEDLINK for payment from the account you have established at LC, and for direct pay customers the vendor will invoice your agency.

If you have questions about document delivery services, contact FEDLINK Network Operations program specialists or LC C&L FEDLINK contract specialists for more information.

Service ID and Company     Top Price Per Document and Additional Costs

RC Canada Institute for Science and Technology Information (CISTI) $8.10 to 10.80
$13 to $50
plus pass-through
core collection/50 pages
non-core collection
copyright royalty
CT ChoicePoint Buisness & Government Services $10
plus pass-through
copyright royalty and $2.00 per page copy fee
DI Dialog $12.95
$20 and up
plus $6
$27 to $30
plus pass-through
US and Canadian patents
extended patents
fax delivery
copyright royalty
UE Engineering Information $10.50
plus pass-through
core collection
non-core collection
copyright royalty
FO Faxon Finder $11
plus $2
plus pass-through
regular - 20 pages
per page over 20
copyright royalty
NF Infotrieve $9.25

per document less $.25 discount for electronic order placement
fax surcharge per page
rush surcharge per document plus actual courier charges. large volume discounts are negotiable

UI Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) $9.50
plus pass through
regular per article via mail or 24hr fax
30 minute fax surcharge per article
same day fax surcharge per article
copyright royalty
ML Lexis-Nexis Public Document Service $17.10
plus $2
plus $12
1a - UCC/lien search
1b - UCC/lien profiled alert search plus set-up & change charge
2a - corporate standing, charter, etc.
2b - corporate name availability/reservation
2c - corporate filing document
2d - corporate registered agent per entity
3a - SEC search
3b - patent, trademark search
3d - motor vehicle document filing - auto
3d - motor vehicle document filing - truck
copyright royalty
per page copied (prices vary w/ jurisdiction)
per page fax
per rush shipment
discount if no verbal report required
CU Uncover/ $10
plus $5 to $7
copyright royalty

FY2001 prices updated 09/10/2001
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