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The table below lists the basic discounts off of commercial prices offered by FEDLINK vendors of online databases, CD-ROMs, electronic serials, gateways and document delivery services. Some vendors offer additional discounts for particular products, or special pricing options for subscription packages or commitments to fixed usage levels. In addition, the new FEDLINK BOAs provide the opportunity for vendors to quote deeper discounts for large volume users and to offer specialized access to their electronic information products/services. Contact FEDLINK Network Operations program specialists or LC C&L FEDLINK contract specialists for more information.

The link under Service ID connects you to the vendor's entry in the FEDLINK Services Directory, where you will find a description of the vendor's products and services, the vendor's address, phone, and e-mail information, and links to the vendor's website and pricing data, where available. The Services Directory also provides subject-based access to the listing of FEDLINK vendors.

Service ID Company - Service Discount off
  Additional Discounts
and Pricing Options

AI INFO USA, Inc. 10%   additional 10% on selected items; volume discount; CD subscription
CA American Chemical Society - Chemical Abstracts 0%    
BK Back Information Services 7%   up to additional 40% based on volume; subscription pricing
UM Proquest Information and Learning (UMI) 13% to 15%   subscription pricing includes Chadwyck Healy products
SA Cambridge Scientific Abstracts 10%   subscription pricing
RC Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) 10%   CISTI Source Tables 10%-25%;10% discount-direct supply service
CT Choice Point Business and Government Services 60%   subscription pricing, minimum subscription required, web access
CO Columbia University Press 10% to 20%   volume discount depending on number of agency users
CC Commerce Clearing House 20%   subscription pricing
CQ Congressional Quarterly 5%   subscription pricing plus print items
CW CountryWatch.com L.L.C. 10%   subscription and print items available
RS CourtExpress.com 5%   discount on online services
CB Credit Bureau Services of Texas, dba CRB 10%   6.3% to 80%
SM Cribis Corporation (SkyMinder.com) 5%    
DG Database Technologies 33.3%   *see Choice Point (CT)
DS Dialog Corporation/DataStar 8% to 11%   subscription pricing
DI Dialog Corporation/Dialog 8% to 11%   subscription pricing and special plans; 15% discount on CD-ROM
MD Dialog Coproration/Profound 33.6%   additional 5% to 10% based on volume; subscription pricing
DJ Dow Jones 10% to 15%   subscription pricing with annual fee
DU Dun & Bradstreet 42.4% to 44.6%   subscription pricing-discount based on annual commitment
EV East View Publications, Inc. 10%
  a co-subscription discount of 30% on microfilm publication for subscribers to electronic versions of the same publications.
EC Economy.com 15%   15% on database, 5% on publications
EH EBSCO Publishing 15 to 25%   12 month subscriptions
UE Engineering Information 10% to 30%   subscription pricing, print & internet access
ET Enterprise Training 10% to 30%    
FV FACTIVA, a Dow Jones & Reuters Co. 10% to 30%   subscriptions
FO Faxon 10% to 15%   subscription pricing
FR Federal Research Service 5%   subscription pricing
FP FPMI Communications, Inc. 0%   subscription pricing and multiple copy discounts on print
GR The Gale Group 5% to 21%   Discount applies to electronic and print publications.
GS Global Securities 20%   subscription pricing
GC Grant Communications, Inc. 5%   Introductory discount 10%
EA Grolier Educational, Inc. 10%   subscription pricing and print
WI HW Wilson 10%   subscription pricing
UI Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) 14%   document delivery; contact ISI for cd/web product discount
JN Jane's Information Group 10% to 19%   Online/CD subscription, print/michofiche
JR Juritas 10%    
KS Kiplinger Financial Forecasts 10% to 39%   Discount based on concurrent uses
ML Lexis-Nexis 8.8% to 47.6%   average discount of 38.94%/hr subscription pricing
LC Library Corporation 0% to 17%    
PS LRP Publications - Potomac Systems 5%   CyberFeds and CD-ROM , additional discount for multiple year subscription on print
MU MCB University Press 0%   Consorital agreements are encouraged 
NE netLibrary, Inc. 10%   e-book purchasing
NB Newsbank 5% to 30%   subscription pricing
DT NewsEDGE 3.5% to 20%   subscription pricing
NR Northern Light Technology, LLC 10%
  Annual subscriptions with a free zone from 22% and up
OP ORS Publishing 25%   subscription available
BR Ovid Technology 25% to 30%   subscription pricing and e-journals
PG Peterson's 20%   CD subscription; additional multiple copy discounts on CDs; 50% on associated publications
DY IHS Energy Group, dba Petroleum Information / Dwights 25% to 30%   CD subscription
AP Press Association 3%   subscription pricing
QR Quality Research Systems 0%   Reduced per unit price for multiple copies
OR Questel / Orbit 7%   subscription pricing and e-journals
QL Quicklaw America, Inc. 0% to 49%   subscription pricing
RI Research Institute of America 20% to 32%   CD subscription
SH Reuters New Media, Inc. 3%   subscription pricing
RB RR Bowker LLC 15%   up to an additional 25% based on selected items or volume; subscription pricing
RH Runzheimer International 29% to 54%   Discounted print publication
TA Tax Analysts 20% to 50%   subscription pricing plus print
CU Ingenta/Uncover Company 0%    
UC United Communications Group 10%   subscription pricing
WG WEFA, Inc. 15% to 40%   subscription pricing
WE West Group - Westlaw 0 to 69% online
10% to 15%
on CD
  subscription pricing, includes print services formerly available under "WP" and Personnet (PN) service.

FY2002 discounts as of 10/03/2001

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