FLICC Most Common OCLC Charges  

July 1, 2000 - June 30, 2001

Product Code Service Price
CON6082 Internet Access to Cataloging, ILL, Union List and NAD  ($3.72/hr) $0.062/min
CON6037  Dial TCP/IP CompuServ ($7.20/hr) $0.12/min
CON6035 800 Dial TCP/IP  ($8.40/hr) $0.14/min
CON6036  Direct TCP/IP Dial to Dublin, OH  ($1.80/hr) $0.03/min
AUT6051  Dial Access Authorization
- Billed in July, applies to all asynch dial access modes
CON6031 Dial Access (*Asynch) CompuServ  ($7.50/hr) $0.125/min
CON6052  800 Dial Access (*Asynch)  ($9.00/hr) $0.15/min
CON6053  Direct Dial (*Asynch) to Dublin, OH  ($1.80/hr) $0.03/min
RCA6807 Internet Access & User Support Fee  $134/simultaneous User/mo.
CON6806 Overflow Connect Charge ($3.72/hr) $0.062/min
RCA6805  Access and User Support Fee $134.00/simultaneous User/mo
RCM6125 Network Facility Fee (56K Line) $112.00/modem/mo
SBL0131 - Cat
SBL0281 - ReCon
SBL0431 - ILL
SBL0731 - UL
SER0042 - KW Cat
SER0214 - KW Recon
Searches, Except Keyword in ILL and UL
(Keyword in Cat same as derived or numeric) 
SER0314 - ILL
SER0043 - UL
Keyword Searches in ILL and UL  $0.55
SCN0044 - Cat
SCN0150 - ReCon
SCN0315 - ILL
SCN0016 - UL
Scan title
- Plus search charge for each line selected from Browse Index
DSH3562 - Cat
IDH3581 - ILL
IDH3571 - UL
Display Holdings (dh, dhs, dhr, dha, dhfedl, etc.)  $0.36
IDH3611 - ILL
IDH3601 - UL
Union List Holdings Display (ulfedl, 
Cat Search/Export/FTU.


ONT2500  Online Cataloging Prime Time
- 9-5 Eastern Time, Monday-Friday
ONT2550  Online Cataloging Nonprime  $0.25
ONR3350  Online Retrospective Conversion Prime $0.25


Online Retrospective Conversion Nonprime
Cataloging Profile Change


AST1063  Online Original Input Credit (i.e., "wf" command) 
- "New" command product code AST1064, same credit
TOC3491 Minimal-level Record Upgrade Credit  +$2.10
ONT2565  Database Enrichment Credit +$0.53
OTC1071 Online Holdings Deletion Credit (delh)  +$0.37
MLE2591 Cataloging Export  $0.25
MLE2007  MARC Record Copying Charge (tape or EMS)  $0.25
Catalog Cards
EDX Annual Fee-Single library
EDX Annual Fee-Group
ILL4501 ILL Request $0.31
OTC4561 Lending Credit  $0.38
IFM4572 IFM Administration Fee  $1.00
FTS2300 FirstSearch per search for individual member libraries (sold in blocks of 500, i.e. $320 per block)
Call for subscription pricing 


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