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The Associated Press (AP) News Service is a "real time", continuous news feed that delivers the latest domestic and world news directly to your mainframe, personal computer or printer as it is filed from our global network of news bureaus. News gathering is a cooperative effort between Associated Press' own reporters and the contributions of AP's member newspapers and broadcast stations. The news is packaged so that the subscriber can order--from a wide menu of choices--the specific type of report that will suit their needs. AP produces over 20 million words and hundreds of photos and graphics from state, national and international bureaus. AP reports on political news, federal and state agencies, legislation, major economic developments in US and foreign markets, agriculture, business, sports, technology and other news of general interest. Foreign bureaus file news stories daily from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Japan and Pacific Rim countries, Africa, South America and the Caribbean. AP has developed industry-specific news services for the following industries: Business/Finance, Agriculture, Technology, Politics, Environment, Energy, Disasters, Automotive, and Medical. The industry-specific news is available via the AP ALERT SERVICES that are available on a monthly basis. Also available is"apnewstracker.com", a web-based news-management software platform that is password protected and internet accessible. Vendor has not indicated compliance with ADA Section 508.

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