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Roll Call's, Congressional Quarterly division, CQ.com, provides a vast range of information- full text of government documents, legislative summaries, committee coverage, vote analysis, congressional schedules, CQ news and analysis delivered to you faster and easier than ever via the web. CQ's editors and reporters- one of largest and most experienced news teams on Capitol hill- explain legislative developments with unparalleled clarity and reliability. Point and click to find out the latest developments on the Hill and pinpoint critical information with minimal effort. CQ's most recent offering, CQ Homeland Security is a great source of Homeland Security news and analysis covering Homeland Security Bills, Schedules and Primary source documents. CQ Researcher Web version and Print version, Electronic Encyclopedia of American Government are recent additions. Customized e-mail updates continuously alert you to the latest action in your areas of interest. Services added: Electronic databases-CQ Homeland Defense and newsletter, CQ Press Congressional Staff Directory, CQ Press Federal Staff Directory, and CQ Press Judicial Staff Directory. Print products added: CQ Weekly Report, CQ Daily Monitor, CQ Daily Monitor PDF and CQ Press Staff Directory Federal Collection, CQ Budget Tracker and CQ Healthbeat. Please contact the Roll Call/CQ representative for specific pricing and service offering and go to http://www.cq.com/corp/show.do?page=soon_tour for a tour of the CQ web offerings.

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