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Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. offers a method for agencies to satisfy copyright law permissions and royalty requirements by establishing a blanket annual license to make photocopies for the internal use of the agency. Acting as an authorized agent for over 9,200 registered publishers worldwide, CCC can authorize copying from over 1.75 million titles. License fees for FEDLINK member agencies will be determined by using the following three elements: 1) Number of professional and administrative employees; 2) Type of government organization; 3) Government licenses must be "self-contained," i.e., entire agency must be licensed.

There are three tiers: Tier 1=$74.18 per prof/admin. employee (Legal and Health occupations) ; Tier 2=$31.89 per prof/admin. employee (Administration, Environmental, Agricultural, Aerospace, Defense and International occupations); Tier 3=$15.64 per prof/admin. employee in other governmental inc. Finance, Social, Economic, Transportation, Utilities and Regulatory occupations.

There is a minimum CCC license fee of $1020.00.

  • Service ID: CR
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC09G7600
  • Transfer Payment Option ONLY
  • Additional pricing terms: Offers Transfer Pay and Direct Express accounts.

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