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Publishing Tecnology, Inc, (formally known as Ingenta) is the global market leader in the managenent and distribution of published scientific, professional and academic research via the internet, and develops and maintains specialist websites and technology services for publishers, self-publishing societies and libraries. For libraries and information professionals, Ingenta offers collection management, current awareness and comprehensive document delivery options. Ingenta's collection of research content- 20 million articles from more than 9,500 online publications and 30,000 fax and Ariel delivered publication- is accessed by millions of researchers and librarians a month via ingentaconnect.com Please contact the listed Ingenta representative with any questions about the services offered.

  • Service ID: CU
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC10D7003
  • Transfer or Direct Payment Options
  • Additional pricing terms: Offers Transfer Pay and Direct Express account options. Doc. Del. disc. is 15%
  • Martin Borbone
    875 Massachusetts Ave., 7th Floor
    Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
  • 617-497-6514 x4082

  • 617-354-6875 fax
  • [email protected]

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