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DIALOG LLC, a ProQuest Company, was the world's first online information retrieval system to be used globally with materially significant databases. Being the very first comprehensive professional online service, Dialog has paved the way for the information industry.

Dialog products, including DataStar, offer unparalleled depth and breadth of content in virtually every subject area coupled with the ability to search with precision and speed. Our colection of over 900 databases handle more than 700,000 searchs and delivers over 17 million document page views per month. Searchable content on Dialog services includes articles and reports from over 10,000 news feeds, newspapers, broadcasttranscripts and trade publications, plus market research reports and analyst notes providing support for financial decision-making, as well as in-depth repositories of scientific and technical data, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property data. Additional content areas include government regulations, social sciences, food and agriculture, regerence, energy and environment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

Dialog's products and content include world class indexing schemes developed to deliver multiple levels of access to data. The ability to generate, combine, and manipulate sets of data offer clients a significant time and cost advantage. Our federated search capabilities allow a single powerful search using a uniform search language across multiple databases. Advanced search commands further provide tools to quickly search and extract thousands of sources simultaneously, analyze with RANK, MAP fields from database to database, SORT and output data in the format of choice, including direct downloading into bibliographic reference databases.

Dialog's services also include state-of-the-Art Alerting and e- Linking Capabilities. Dialog alerts provide the abilty to set a profile in up to 60 databases at one time, custom schedule delivery, remove duplicates, and include hypertext links to full text e-journals, client resources and document delivery services. The Dialog ERA (Electronic Redistribution and Archiving) service is a popular and cost-effective copyright compliance tool used by many government clients. The most current Dialog/DataStar Database Catalog as well as the Dialog DatabaseSelection guide is available at: http://support.dialog.com/publications/dbcat/ and the most current Dialog NewsRoom Publication list isavailable at: http://www.dialog.com/sources/newsroom/ and the Dialog Knowledge Center may be reached at (800)3-DIALOG. See their course information at:

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  • Additional pricing terms: Subscription pricing available. Document Delivery prices will reflect a 5% discount from com'l. Offering Direct Express as an account option.

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