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Dow Jones & Company publishes the world's most vital business and financial news and information. since 1882, the Dow Jones name has been synonymous with accuracy, integrity and trust.In today's rapidly changing world, you will find that successful government decision-makers rly on the credibility and insight The Wall Street Journal provides. With outstanding coverage of daily market and global shifts, regulatory changes, and a unique perspective on general business news and topics, The journal simply stands alone.

The Wall Street Journal is increasingly recognized as a working tool for employees throughout the public and private sector.Our special Federal Partnership Program (FPP), allows employees to stay on top of the news, be in tune with the industries they regulate, all while streamlining costs.

The Federal solutions Partnership Program encompasses the print, online and mobile edition of The Wall Street Journal as well as Barron's Online. The program also includes a training and development e-resource, The SmartKit Program.

Both the print and online editions, lend themselves to having unique sections and audiences and the newly added moblie edition is a convenient, on-the0go resource for your traveling workforce. All of the products serve as a destinctive resource for effective and reliable research to empower your emplyees to make sound government decisions.

Wall Street Journal Online- In recent months, many new sections and features have been added to the online edition. Some of the most noted sections include: * Two-year article archive research * 24/7 breaking news * Several editions, Europe, Asia, india and Americas (South America); The following languages are available:Mandarin, portuguese, spanish and Japanese * Exclusive interactive financial data, videos and graphics; *"Real-time" snapshots of stack quotes from NASDAQ, NYSE and Amex. * Expanded international and political coverage * Company research on over 30,000 publicly traded companies * Enhanced "My Journal" sections which includes "Save and Share" features for articles, videos and more * Over 50 pre-bundled news alerts as well as the option to customize your oun alert(s).

For complete, detailed information regarding the Dow Jones offerings under the FEDLINK contract, please contact the listed Dow Jones representative.

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