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DataStar Marketing, a service of THE DIALOG CORPORATION, offers a wide range of services including: DataStar -- a collection of over 300 databases with a concentration in international business, medicine, healthcare, science, and technology. Over 50 of these databases are available only on the DataStar System. TradStat -- a worldwide trade statistics database, covering almost 90 percent of world trade. It provides official government import/export information on all reported commodities traded by Europe, U.S., Canada, South America, and the Far East. Focus -- a menu-driven system for end users unfamiliar with online searching. The Official Airline Guide (OAG) -- The world's largest provider of travel information including scheduled flight information, fares, seat availability, hotel details, etc. Online access is provided to other vendors, particularly FizTechnik, a European vendor specializing in engineering and industrial management information.

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