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NewsEDGE is a personal computer-based information gateway service that captures and combines different newswire services delivered by X.25 telephone lines, FM broadcast, or satellite transmission. NewsEDGE alerts users to important incoming stories that match multiple interest profiles created by the user, organizes the news on the user's PC for easy viewing and searching, and operates in the background on standalone or LAN based PC's, constantly delivering news to the user without tying up the PC. NewsEDGE works on standalone PCs, PCs connected to a LAN, and over many email systems. Recent addition is the "Reuters Business Information" products and updates to the COMTEX newswire. The current BOA has added "NewsEDGE/Web," an enterprise service that agencies can use to distribute a variety of news services. Contact your NewsEDGE representative for full details. NewsEDGE Corporation is the result of a merger of DeskTopData and Individual, Inc.

  • Service ID: DT
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: 98CLFB70014
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