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Dun's Marketing Service's (DMS) Direct Access online information retrieval service provides a user-friendly means to access the most current information on the DMS' Dun's Market Indentifier (DMI) database. The current database lists over 9 million unique U.S. business establishments ranging in size from single proprietorship to Fortune 500 companies. Users can create a multitude of search and data criteria that can be viewed on a personal computer and downloaded for further use. Offline prints are also available. Conquest/BusinessLINE offers access to both DMS's Dun's Market Identifier (DMI) database and Donnelly Marketing Information Services' Conquest database in a cohesive, integrated fashion. Using a PC and CD-ROMs, users interact with either or both files using sophisticated access and report generating software included in the 4-disk product. Over 200 standard reports, including maps, are available as output. DMS's Million Dollar Disc is the single most up-to-date CD-ROM source of in-depth information on the 190,000 largest U.S. public and private companies. The data includes biographies on 500,000 company executives, complete company identification information, geographic information, SICs, and key business relations. The Dun's Business Locator CD is also available. Both CDs are available for LAN applications.

  • Service ID: DU
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC09D7052
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  • Additional pricing terms: Subscription pricing available. Direct Express and Transfer Pay accounts are available.
  • Jenny Arthurs
    4350 N. Fairfax Dr. Suite 650
    Arlington, VA 22203
  • (703)807-5068

  • (703)807-5099 fax
  • arthursj@dnb.com

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