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IHS Energy's Vision Online System offers remote access to four petroleum- related databases. Oil and gas production volumes by month, by year, and cumulatively are provided for over 900,000 wells and leases. Drilling information, well permits, and completion intelligence is provided for over 500,000 records. Field level statistics are provided for over 150,000 fields and reservoirs. Federal offshore lease sale results, offshore lease production, offshore production facilities and current ownership are detailed for the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, Pacific, and Alaska federal waters. Easy-to-use menu driven screens provide quick access to all four databases simultaneously. Machine readable download formats can be easily loaded into most commercial oil and gas software. An extensive library of reports offer individual or summary level detail for maximum user flexibility. Fixed media formats, CD-ROM, and magnetic tape offer flexibility for retrieval and reporting of Dwight's database products. Formatted reports and machine readable formats may be obtained from both media.

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