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Vendor, Moody's Economy.com, requested Cancellation of contract effective immediatelly, thus service will be NOT be available after "1/25/07". Offered electronic information retrieval of its many economic databases and access to its forecast and time series services via the web and/or in print format. Moody's Economy.com's offering cover a variety of economic forecasting areas, from the US macro forecast database to the detailed county employment and output forecast. Print reports are available for any of the databases offered electronically. Subscriptions to the databases are for 12 months and typically includes unlimited usage for the subscriber. New product offering added "Forecast Buffet"-Credit forecasts offered on an annual subscription. Discount for this new added offering is 2%. Please contact the vendor representative for details of the Moody's Economy.com offering.

  • Service ID: EC
  • Transfer or Direct Payment Options
  • Additional pricing terms: Publication discount is 5%. Subscriptions offered. Direct Express accounts are available.

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