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The Etherington Conservation Center(ECC) is the largest conservation center in the southeast specializing in the conversion of books, archival materials, art on paper and photographic materials. The Etherington Conservation Center and staff abide by the AIC Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. The ECC currently employs 31 full time staff members. The recently renovated 7,000 square foot facility includes the Book Conservation Lab, the Paper conservation Lab and the Document Reproduction Services(DRS) department and the business office. ECC's services include but not limited to: Library and collections conservation, rare book conservation, digital imaging services, brittle book reproduction, conservation of works of art on paper and photographs, conservation of parchment and vellum, conservation training and collection surveys. Specific treatments available include but not limited to: Surface cleaning, stain reduction, deacidification(aqueous and non- aqueous). original bindings repair, rebinding, polyester film encapsulation and gold-stamping and decoration. Please contact the listed ECC representative for specific details of their service offerings.

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