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Enterprise Training Solutions, Inc.


Enterprise Training offers computer and media-based training/instruction for every level of computer subject matter, ranging from basic training on end user applications (Windows 95, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Word, Excel, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro, etc.) to current in demand technical training such as NT Server, Novell administration, Internet/Intranet Development and Publishing, MCSE and MCSD, CNE, NWCNE and NCIP courses required for certification by the respective software providers. Courses are available in CD-ROM, diskette and video format with the supporting/complementary print publications also available. Sole distributor of Softskills, KnowHow and KnowledgeBank products to the federal government. Recent addition: DiscoverWare multimedia training products that are CD-Rom based and are available for LAN applications.

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  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: 98CLFB70103
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