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Federal Research Service, Inc. (FRS) the publishers of "Federal Career Opportunities(FCO) since 1974 is well known throughout government circles for consistently providing thorough, timely, and accurate federal job information. In 1995, FRS released "FEDJOBS...FEDERAL JOB SEARCH on the WEB"(www.fedjobs.com), the electronic version of its popular "Federal Career Opportunities" bi-weekly periodical magazine. FEDJOB's is a privately-compiled, meticulously maintained database containing thousands of currently available federal job openings, including: Entry level through the Senior Executive Service, nationwide and overseas, General schedule and Wage Grade jobs, full-time, part-time, temporary and summer, Competitive and Excepted Service, Judicial and congressional staff openings, United Nations and related openings plus select federally-oriented Private sector opportunities. Government agencies have the option of specifying whether they would like to have their account setup using IP addresses or to have an ID and Password established to log on to FEDJOBs. Please contact the designed representative for further details regarding subscribing to and using the FEDJOB's database.

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