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FLICC/FEDLINK Education and Training (FT) offers FEDLINK members training opportunities in the use of the OCLC bibliographic utility's systems and services, library software, and microcomputer and telecommunications technology, conducted both at FEDLINK facilities and on-site with federal libraries. Additional special training events covering library automation products, cataloging procedures, Internet, and the World Wide Web are also offered. The FLICC/FEDLINK home page provides calendars, registration and complete descriptions of the numerous training programs http://www.loc.gov/flicc/mmeduc.html. All FLICC/FEDLINK symposiums, seminars,institutes,programs and training programs are also announced in the monthly TECHNOTES calender as well as in meeting announcements and special mailings. Fees vary depending on the program or event. Classes conducted by FEDLINK instructors at the FEDLINK's training facilities are priced at $125 per student for a full day class and $65 for a half-day session. Members must contact the FEDLINK Network Office to schedule for on-site field training from a FEDLINK Network Instructor. FEDLINK training conducted in the field costs $400 per day plus travel, lodging, and per diem per instructor. FEDLINK has also established agreements with several other OCLC networks -- Amigos, CAPCON, BCR, NYLINK and OCLC Western so that FEDLINK members can attend these networks' programs and training. See their respective agreements in the Library services section off our web page. For OCLC Western training, add funds to your general OCLC account

  • Service ID: FT
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: 11CLFB00000
  • Transfer Payment Option ONLY

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