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Playaway is the simplest way to listen to audio-books on the go. Each Playaway comes with the digital content already pre-loaded on it and a battery to make it play. Simply plug in earbuds and enjoy.

Each ultra-portable Playaway weighs only two ounces and comes packaged with earbuds and a standard AAA battery to allow for immediate listening. Every Playaway comes ready to shelve in drop-box friendly packaging, complete with title inserts and instructions.

Playaway is being circulated in over 22,000 public, academic, military and government libraries with a 99% library customer satisfaction rate. With 87 respected publishing partners, a growing collection of over 6,500 titles across 34 genres is available.

No Cassettes. No CD's. No downloads. Just Play.

Custom Publishing on Playaway: Up to 80 hours of your own audio content, packaged with your branding and messaging and loaded onto a Playway.

Customize Playaway. A single Playaway is capable of being pre- loaded with up to 80 hours spoken-word audio. Imagine the possibilities of pre-loading a Playaway with your own audio content and branded messaging. Custom publishing on Playaway is a great way to distribute educational and training materials to your constituents in a portable and cost effective manner.

Please contact the listed Playaway representative for details of their offerings through the FEDLINK procurement program.

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