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NOTE!!! Legi-Slate, Inc.legislative tracking service has been purchased by Congressional Quarterly(CQ) and will not be available as a seperate service offering after September 30th, 1999. The original and leading online service covering congressional and federal regulations, US Code (USC), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and Congressional Voting Analysis. It is unique in its value-added features that enable subscribers to identify and track all legislation and regulations on their issue. All services are offered on a flat fee unlimited usage basis with no charge for connect time or customer service. An exclusive automatic UPDATE report can be customized to individual subscriber needs based on customer profiles that provides automatic searching of all the LEGI-SLATE databases. These seach results are available for review daily or whenever time is available. A Transactional Usage option has been added that provides for the purchase of blocks of time in increments of 12 to 60 hours that are effective for a year from initiation of the service.

  • Service ID: LL
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: 98CLFB70107
  • Transfer or Direct Payment Options
  • Additional pricing terms: Subscription pricing available. 40% discount on second sign-on for subscriptions over $4,000 and no charge for second sign-on for subscriptions over $20,000.
  • Waldo E. Tibbetts
    10 G Street, N.E.
    Suite 500
    Washington, DC 20002
  • 800-733-1131

  • 202-898-3061 fax
  • [email protected]

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