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Eastern Book Company is a full service vendor to government, academic, public and special libraries. Since 1957, Eastern has been recognized for its quick turnaround time, exceptional fulfillment rates and great discounts. EBC can provide juvenile and young adult, business, economics, finance; medical and allied health; sci-tech, social science/humanities, trade, trade paperback, textbook, textbook paperback, mass market paperback, reference, reprints/back issue sets, audio-visual, multimedia, non-English language and university press material; college level textbooks in hardcover or paper. EBC website with over 3 million titles offers online ordering, access to inventory and order/shipping status reports. Technical processing offerings include preprocessing, cataloging, either in-house or through PromptCat, all types of binding with paperbacks being able to be bound automatically. Other services include Out of Print searches, mini-network support, rush orders, pre-publication discounts. EBC is EDI/EDIFACT compliant and web orders can be formated for local ILS importation. Contact the service representative for assistance in developing a library profile.

  • Service ID: ME
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC11G7513
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