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LexisNexis offers a premier online legal, news, legislative and business information service. The Lexis service contains major archives of federal and state case law, continuously updated statutes of all 50 states, state and federal regulations and an extensive collection of public records from major U S states and counties. The Lexis service has 40 specialized libraries covering all major fields of practice, including tax, securities, banking, environmental, energy and international as well as libraries of English, Canadian and French law. The Lexis service is now the sole provider of the Shepard's Citator databases. The previously seperate Courtlink (CK) service is included within the LexisNexis service. The Nexis service is a leading news and business information service which contains more than 8700 sources. These include regional, national and international newspapers, news wires magazines, trade journals and business publications. It is a one stop service for both national network and regional television broadcast transcripts in addition to carrying CNN and National public Radio news and features. An archive of many of the publications goes back 5-10 years. The publications cover a variety of material from the fields of business, finance, politics, technology and general news. LexisNexis also offers Lexis Law Publishing in print and on disc, such as Michie's Federal Law on disc and Michie's State Law on disc and all the print publications. Recent addition: Accurint, one of the country's largest and fastest growing data repositories of public records and commercially available data. Offering includes Relavint(tm), a visualization tool designed specifically for law enforcement.

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