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Rittenhouse is an aggregator for health science print and electronic content. They distribute product from more than 1,000 STM publishers. This content includes commercial publishers, university presses, and associations as well as site licensed digital content and e-books. Print product is comprised of books, numbered and unnumbered series, annual publications and dictionaries which are also available in alternative formats such as CDs, DVDs, videos and slide sets. Rittenhouse also offers a digital database of electronic ebooks, the R2 Digital Library. The R2 Digital Library offers access to resources in medicine, nursing and allied health from multiple publishers on a fully searchable web based platform. All of the Rittenhouse products, services and publishers can be viewed on their web site at www.rittenhouse.com. Rittenhouse will accept regular and rush orders via telephone, fax, US mail, email, and online through the Rittenhouse web site. OPTIONAL SERVICES: Approval Plan Service: The Rittenhouse Approval Plan Service is a customized program for new publications in specific catagories and quantities based on the library's collection development profile. Core collection Update Program: The Rittenhouse Core Collection Update Program is a free collection development service that reviews the library's core collection, and provides a quote for all titles that can be updated with a subsequent edition or new volume in a series. Customers may access the Rittenhouse web site at http://www.rittenhouse.com to check stock and prices, place orders, track orders in process, send electronic mail, and check approval plan titles. Please contact the Rittenhouse representative for specific details of their offerings.

  • Service ID: MR
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC11G7518
  • Transfer or Direct Payment Options
  • Rita Dowdell
    511 Feheley Drive
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
  • (800)345-6425X200

  • (800)223-7488 fax
  • [email protected]

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