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Missouri Library Network Corp.

Missouri Library Network, MLNC, offers to provide training services on OCLC systems and products in the core service areas in the standard OCLC/Network agreements, including OCLC communications and access methods; searching the WorldCat database, authority files, reference databases and other files. Includes training in performing copy cataloging, original cataloging, interlibrary loan and administrating OCLC services such as FirstSearch. Courses will refer to current OCLC standards and documentation, use of current OCLC software, and provide hands-on practice in live OCLC databases whenever possible. Training will be conducted in the Missouri Library Network facilities or other site designated by MLNC which are fully equiped to access the OCLC systems. MLNC will olso offer on-site training at a libraries' facilities or other lication deemed appropriate for the training requested. Please contact the MLNC representative for further information regarding classes, space availability, and cost.

  • Service ID: MT
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC07G7805
  • Transfer Payment Option ONLY

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