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Emerald Publishing Group is the world's leading international publisher of management research. Offering full text journal and e-book databases their Subject collections include: Accounting and Finance, Business Ethics and Law, Economics, Education Management, Engineering, Enterprise and Innovation, Health Care Management, Human Resources Management, Industry and Public sector Management, Information and Knowledge Management, International Business, Learning and development, Library and Information Studies, Management science/Management Studies, Managing Quality, Marketing Operations and Logistics Management, Organization Studies, Performance Managementand Measurement, Property and Real estate, strategy, and tourism and Hospitality. E-Book series Collections include Business management and Economics, and Social Science.

Clients can license all journal titles, backfiles, e-book collections, one subject collection or groups of subject collections. Trials are available. Please contact Emerald Publishing representative for details of the offerings under the FEDLINK contract.

  • Service ID: MU
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC09G7111
  • Transfer Payment Option ONLY
  • Additional pricing terms: Transfer Pay and Direct Express accounts available.

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