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Northern Micrographics specializes in digital imaging to preserve fragile or endangered materials such as brittle books, photographs and film. Digital imaging services include scanning microfilm in aperture card, 16mm, 35mm and 105mm formats and paper from A to E size roll drawings. Northern Micrographics has the ability to scan bi-tone, halftone and color images and have developed image processing software for image enhancement for superior image quality. The scanned data can be placed on a variety of media including magnetic tape, CD-ROM or DVD media. Scanned data can also be OCR/ICR'd for full text search capability from a text search engine. Preservation microfilm services include master and duplicate reproduction of both 16mm and 35mm format film. Production and distribution of microfilm in 105mm microfiche format is also available. Northern Micrographics offers fulfillment services to distribute copies of reproduced materials to customers in digital, film/fiche or paper formats and operates an in-house binding department that specializes in producing reference quality, over-sewn case bindings for monographs, serials and theses. After more than 50 years of pioneering in microform and digital imaging technology, Northern Micrographics stands amongst the industry leaders. All Northern Micrographics' administrative and production activities are housed in one 36,000 square foot facility that includes a 2,200 square foot, ANSI standard vault for archival storage of all digital and film masters.

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