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The Northeast Document Conservation Center(NEDCC) can provide a wide variety of preservation and conservation services to federal libraries including: * digital imaging of bound and unbound materials * conservation treatment of bound and unbound library and archival materials * preservation microfilming of bound and unbound materials, * duplication of photographic negatives and prints, * surveys, training and consulting. The range of available services makes it possible for institutions to meet virtually all of their preservation and conservation needs using one vendor. NEDCC provides services to individual collections-holding institutions with a goal of helping them preserve rare and original materials through improved collections care. NEDCC performs conservation treatments and reformating for large and small libraries and archives throughout the United States. Professional staff conserves a wide variety of paper-based and parchment materials including documents, works of art on paper, maps, photograpghs, globes, historic wallpaper, rare books and pamphlets, photograph albums, and scrapbooks. Specialties include treatment and reformating of rare, complex, oversize, and especially damaged materials as well as large projects. Conservation treatments range from simple stabilization to complex repair. Imaging services are primarly for rare, original, oversize or fragile materials. Digital files can be delivered on CD, DVD or external hard drive as dictated by the size of the project. For detailed information regarding the services offered by NEDCC, please contact Deborah Wender at [email protected]

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  • Steven Presman
    100 Brickstone Square
    Andover, MA 01810-1494
  • (978)470-1010X221

  • (978)475-6021 fax
  • [email protected]

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