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OCLC, Online Computer Center, Inc., is a not-for-profit computer library service and research organization providing a family of information systems to a variety of libraries and cultural institutions. The OCLC Members Council, comprised of delegates elected regionally, provides oversight and guidence to OCLC management. OCLC WorldCat provides immediate access to an extensive bibliographic database, used by libraries as the basis to perform many functions: cataloging, interlibrary loan, union listing of serial and other holdings, collection assessment, digital archiving and a register of digital masters. The OCLC FirstSearch service provides access to WorldCat and other third- party databases through an interface supporting both end-user access and expert searching. Training and assistance in using the OCLC system are provided by the FEDLINK Network Librarians for the Federal OCLC membership. This contract also covers services rendered by OCLC Pica to US federal libraries in Europe, and training provided by OCLC Western to US federal libraries on the West Coast. ADDITIONAL CONTRACTS REQUIRING SEPARATE ACCOUNTS: Training from other OCLC Regional Support networks is payable through other FEDLINK contracts. In addition, there are seperate contracts for NetLibrary services and preservation-related services. For further information regarding OCLC and related services, please call the below listed FEDLINK number. Through a new training agreement, FEDLINK members in the OCLC Pacific region may bill training conducted by OCLC Pacific to their OCLC accounts. Training from other OCLC Regional Support networks is payable through the FEDLINK FT account.

  • Service ID: OC
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC06C7301
  • Transfer Payment Option ONLY
  • FEDLINK Network
    Federal Library and Information Center Committ
    FEDLINK Network Operations
    Washington, DC 20540-4935
  • 202-707-4848

  • 202-707-4873 fax
  • fliccfno@loc.gov

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