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Acme Bookbinding offers a number of digital imaging, printing and binding services. For over 15 years, Acme has worked with College and Research libraries throughout the country to produce preservation facsimiles and digital images. Using a variety of flat bed, oversize and auto feed scanners to suit the job, we can produce clean archival copies and digital files from books and flat paper that may be brittle, discolored, bound or oversized. We utilize overhead color scanning equipment with adjustable cradles to minimize stress when scanning bound and rare materials. This equipment can capture up to 17"X 22" areas. For unbound materials we can scan, in color, up to 55 inches wide and unlimited lengths. Once scanned these oversized materials can be printed on high resolution inkjet printers with archival inks in widths up to 60 inches and unlimited lengths. Material requiring binding are bound to Library Binding Institute Standards. Digital output includes tiffs, pdfs, searchable pdfs, OCR, and XML files. Acme also offers library binding, hard cover trade binding, and paperback "perfect" binding in any quantity from small to very large. For further information regarding Acme's offerings, please contact Paul Parisi, [email protected] or (617)242-1100.

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