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Emery-Pratt Company is a distributor of books and A-V products, over 3 million titles, from over 70,000 sources, providing personalized service nationwide to libraries and medical facilities. Emery-Pratt company was founded in Lansing, Michigan, in the fall of 1873 as a retail bookstore and has expanded into a national book distributor serving the library and medical facilities. Emery-Pratt's online ordering system is very user friendly; the system allows title searches by subject, author, publisher, ISBN or title; place orders, check status of open and completed orders; establish a New Title Selection Plan customized for your library and view special promotions from one easy to use free website, http://www.emery-pratt.com. Phone orders received by 10:30 AM (Eastern Time) will be shipped "same day", all other orders shipped the next business day. Book/AV processing services offered so the material ordered can be "shelf ready" when it arrives at your facility. Please contact the listed Emery-Pratt representative for specifics of their offerings under the FEDLINK Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA).

  • Service ID: QE
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC11G7527
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