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CISTI (Canada Inst. For Scientific And Tech.Info.)


CISTI, the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, provides worldwide information in science, engineering, technology, and medicine, to researchers from industry, universities, government and the general public. CISTI's fast and reliable Document Delivery Service delivers books, articles, reports, and conference papers from our in- house collection and from other library sources around the world. There are more than a dozen ways to order from us, including OCLC and Docline. Delivery optios include Ariel, fax, courier or Secure Desktop Delivery. CISTI's guaranteed Urgent service will process your order within two hours for delivery by Ariel or fax, or there will be no charge! CISTI can handle your special document requirements, such as color copies or no black borders, for an additional charge. Our CISTI Source database provides searchable accress to more than 15 million article citations and the tables of contents to over 17,000 journals. CISTI Source Alerts are sent by email every time new articles or journal isues in your field of interest are added to CISTI Source. With article level linking to your local periodical holdings and e-journal subscriptions, it cam be integrated into a library's ILL process and services. NRC Research Press, a part of CISTI, publishes 15 international, peer-reviewed journals. Individual subscriptions and electronic site licenses are available.

  • Service ID: RC
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LOC04C-7045
  • Transfer Payment Option ONLY
  • Additional pricing terms: Discount off the supply fee for articles delivered fron our Direct service and up to 25 percent for CISTI Source.

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