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Runzheimer International Ltd.


Offers the Runzheimer Relocation Manager software which is an on-line, Windows-based application that provides a direct link to the Runzheimer databases from the user's desktop PC. The Relocation Manager includes the "Runzheimer Two-Location Comparison" (RTLC) and the "Lump-Sum Allowances" (LSA) databases that assist in the determination of costs and employee allowances resulting from an agency decision to relocate an employee and dependents. The databases generate reports based on the variables of an employee's housing and life style in the current location and in the intended relocation area. These reports assist the agency in determining the costs associated with the impending relocation and the impact these will have on the affected employee. Associated newsletters and other reports available in print are covered by the current agreement.

  • Service ID: RH
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: 98CLFB70104
  • Transfer or Direct Payment Options
  • Additional pricing terms: 10% multiple copy discounts available for print newsletters and reports.

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