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Tax Analysts is a nonprofit publisherthat provides the latest and most in -depth tax information worldwide. By working for the transparency of tax rules, fostering increased dialogue between taxingauthorities and taxpayers, and providing forums for education and debate, Tax analysts encourages the creation of tax systems that are fairer, simpler, and more economically efficient. To further our public-service mission, Tax Analysts supplies a variety of information resources for tax professionals, all at a reasonable cost. Tax Analysts offers daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly publications that provide news and analysis on tax policy, practice, administration, regulation and legislation. Tax Analysts' publications also provide forums for debate on a wide range of tax issues. Tax professionals worldwide depend on Tax Analysts for news, analysis, commentary and documents. Tax Analysts has more reporters and commentators dedicated exclusively to tax issues than any other publisher. Please contact the listed Tax Analyst representative for specifics of their offerings.

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