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MILITARY PERISCOPE is a comprehensive, authoritative source for unclassified military/defense data and news. Features include: NATIONS: the armed forces order of battle for over 164 nations, NATO forces and UN peacekeeping forces. WEAPONS: Over 5,000 detailed records on the world's in-service weapons systems including: platforms, vehicles, sensors, communications, experimental and chemical/biological/nuclear weapons. TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS: Chronology to present activities of the worlds' terrorist organizations with links to Special Reports and maps showing area of operations. UN PEACEKEEPING MISSIONS: Activities of all groups, past and present. SPECIAL REPORTS: Authoritative in-depth reports on key defense issues. DAILY DEFENSE NEWS CAPSULES: Summaries of defense-related world news focusing on the hard-to-find and under reported news as well as the big stories. Additional resources include a Naval Image Archive, DoD R&D link to weapons research records, and Blue Tops. Please contact the listed Argosy/UCG Military Periscope representative with any questions about their offering through FEDLINK.

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  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC09D7021
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  • Maurizia Grossman
  • Military Periscope

  • 2 Washingtonian Center, 9737 Washingtonian Bl
    Ste 100
    Gaithersburg, MD 20878 USA
  • (301)287-2326

  • (301)287-2904 fax
  • mgrossma@ucg.com

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