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Visual EFX, Inc.- Presv. Svc.


Visual EFX has been in business for over 30 years providing Digital media Services since 1990. Due to their early entry into the digital media technology space, it has been their goal to provide the convenience of digital multimedia content while mailtaining the highest quality possible.

Their teams of staff professionals are not just "operators", they are seasoned professionals with many years of experience that will afford their customers with expertise in determining the most appropriate and efficient processes to accomplish all your needs.

With their years of experience in the new media industry, it is Visual EFX's goal to demonstrate their expertise and commitment to FEDLINK Preservation and Archival Services agreement.

For information regarding their offerings under the current agreement, please contact Mr. Dominic Mignogno, Executive Producer/Directo, (203)653-1613.

  • Service ID: VE
  • LC/FEDLINK BOA#: LC11G7916
  • Transfer or Direct Payment Options
  • Additional pricing terms: Transfer pay and Direct pay accounts available.Requested servics will require competition.


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