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Westlaw is West's computer-assisted legal, news and business information research service containing more than 31,700 databases. Westlaw provides editorially enhanced legal research materials; unparalled coverage of news, business, financial, and general information; and a comprehensive collection of public records. * Westlaw is comprehensive: The scope of Westlaw coverage includes legal information, news and business information and public records. * Legal information. Westlaw contains more than 13,800 legal databases that include federal and state case law, statutes, regulations, and administrative codes, as well as topical and practice area databases, law review articles and journals. * News and business information. Westlaw provides access to more than 11,500 news and business databases, which include newspapers, newswires, news magazines, networks, financial news, business publications and industry publications. * Public records. Westlaw's more than 2,350 public records databases provide access to 2.2 billion well-organized public records, courthouse documents, and private-vendor resources. Westlaw is current. Westlaw databases are updated frequently so that information is kept as current as possible. For example, full-text U.S Supreme Court opinions, including the full-text of any concurrances or dissents, are generally available on Westlaw within 30 minutes of the time they are issued. In addition, Westlaw includes special highlights databases, which are updated daily with summarries of significant new federal and state court decisions. * Westlaw is accurate and reliable. West employs a rigorous editorial process to ensure that every opinion available on Westlaw is correct and properly classified. West's attorney-editors use consistant language when writing synopses and head notes. They also add synonyms, acronyms, terms of art, names of acts, generic names, and other research terms to ensure that Westlaw searches retrieve relevant cases that might otherwise be missed by searching just the text of court opinion. * Westlaw is powerful. More than five million links are added every year to documents on Westlaw, and nearly every word in the documents available on Westlaw is a possible search term or indexing term. State-of-the-art search methods enable users to retrieve results in seconds that could be difficult or even impossible to achieve using print resources. The Personnet Library on Westlaw is designed to provide federal government human resources professionals with the full spectrum of personnel law resource information. It provides the most complete, up-to- date, unified source of statues, regulations, decisions, and opinions (including historical and archived documents) that affect human resources compliance for federal employees. A wide range of CD-ROM Libraries and West print publications are also available under the terms of West's FEDLINK contract, making West a "one- stop shop" for print and electronic products and services. As a rsult of the purchase of Global Securities, Inc., West is now offering the LIVEDGAR database of company information for domestic and inteernational businesses that come under the purview of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). West is also now offering the following products and solutions via their FEDLINK Schedule IDIQ:

West km for Litigation offers users the ability to catagorize and search for an organization's internal documents using West's KeySearch(r) taxonomy, find internal documents by cited reference using KeyCite(r) technology, and search for internal documents using Westlaw(r) search methods

Brief Tools is a legal research product that allows users to instantly view the status of cited cases, statutes, regulations,and administrative decisions, and link to the full-text documents on Westlaw: retrieve internal documents that contain a particular citation; monitor the status of individual citations; or citations within a document; and create an online report with KeyCite(r) status flags and links to the full-text documents on westlaw.

LiveNote SR is a robust transcript and evidence management tool that helps user organize the facts of a case, analyze exhibilts, and summarize all of the transcripts.

LiveNote Realtime enables users to receive live transcript text, audio, and video directly from the court reporter or videographer.

As the foremost provider of integrated information solutions to the U.S. legal market, West recognizes its responsibility to develop electronic and information technology (EIT) services that are accessible and usable by all persons, including those with disabilities and special needs. As an example of West's commitment to providing accessible EIT products, is Westlaw Text Only, a version of westlaw.com that is designed especially for users who require compatibility with assistive technologies--such as screen readers, voice recognition software and screen magnifiers. Our efforts to accommodate the needs of our customers with disabilities and to promote the accessibility of our products and services are described in full at http://west.thomson.com/accessibility. Additional information about West's accessibility efforts can be obtained by contacting: [email protected]

Please contact your West sales representative or West Federal Government services for product information and pricing.

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