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Program Evaluation: The Balanced Scorecard Method

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This two-segment video presents the Program Evaluation: The Balanced Scorecard Method Brown Bag Session in its entirety.

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a strategic tool to help managers “navigate future competitive success.” Since introduction in 1992 through an article in the Harvard Business Review, it has been adopted by numerous businesses and some libraries to integrate financial/non-financial measures, lagging/leading indicators, objective/subjective measures, and internal/external performance measures.

This FLICC discussion features an overview of the BSC methodology by a management expert at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), followed by presentations from staff of both the NIH Library and the National Institute of Standards and Technology Library, where BSC applications are in progress. A speaker from the University of Virginia libraries describes use of BSC in a large academic library system.

Segment I

Following FLICC's Executive Director Susan M. Tarr's opening remarks and introductions, Amy Culbertson of NIH gives a detailed overview of the Balanced Score Card Method. Her presentation is followed by Susan Whitmore of NIH who discussed her agency's experience in implementing the method and its challenges and benefits.

The second segment begins with Barbara Silcox of NIST and her remarks on NIST's implementation of the Balanced Score Card Method and its role in their strategic plan. The final presenation of the day was made by Jim Self, of the University of Virginia Library, on "Using Data to Make Informed Changes."

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