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Using Your Agency's Funding Document: Alternatives to the FEDLINK IAG

A How to Use FEDLINK Video

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Would your agency prefer to use a purchase order, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR), or other agency specific documents in lieu of a FEDLINK interagency agreement (IAG)?

Beginning in FY2003, FEDLINK can accept procurement documents from your agency instead of the completed LC/FEDLINK IAG. To simplify your agency’s internal processing, LC/FEDLINK will work with agency-specific funding documents, although terms of your agency’s documents will need to acknowledge the requirements of the FEDLINK program through attachment of a special addendum.

This video will outline who can benefit from this alternative process and describe the new purchasing addendum you can attach to your purchasing documents. Discover if this new option will be useful and more convenient for your agency!

If you do choose this alternative method, simply select the addendum rather than the FEDLINK IAG when you print out your documentation from the FEDLINK Online Registration Web site. You will also receive a list of the services and costs you need to specify on your agency's purchasing document. We will continue to ask you to select your payment transfer method and to send us a signed version of your agency's document.

To learn more about FEDLINK, review the online FEDLINK Member Handbook. For information on using FEDLINK or to obtain account information, please call the FEDLINK Hotline at (202) 707-4900.

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