Vision 2000

The Federal Library and Information Center Committee
The Library of Congress • Washington, D.C.

In the year 2000 and beyond, the mission of federal libraries and information centers is to contribute to the public good in the following areas:

Information Management

  • identifying, selecting, acquiring, analyzing, organizing, preserving and delivering authoritative information content, regardless of physical format
  • providing efficient, timely access to information wherever it resides
  • optimizing effective use of information resources through expert assistance to end-users
  • sharing information resources electronically through national and international networks
  • managing the transition to new formats and media

Public Access

  • providing leadership in development of policies and procedures that advance dissemination of government information
  • serving US citizens on behalf of their agencies
  • serving the information needs of other government agencies--local, state and federal
  • promoting open, democratic access to information
  • comprising the federal node in the "national digital library"

Agency Mission

  • advocating development, maintenance and use of high quality information resources, systems and services to support agency mission
  • improving cost-effectiveness and reducing redundancy by consolidating information resources
  • serving as the agency's institutional memory, providing continuity and archiving of program information, ensuring access for future generations
  • partnering within and outside the agency for coordinated, targeted information delivery
  • nurturing and developing a competent, service-oriented, diverse staff who are committed to the agency mission and are current with the rapidly changing information environment

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