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"How to book" on the construction of a thesaurus
Aitchison, Jean, Alan Gilchrist and David Bawsen. Thesaurus Construction and Use: A Practical Manual. 4. Ed. ISBN 1-57958-273-7 Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2001. 232 p.

Information about thesauri/controlled vocabularies/software and The Library of Congress Subject Headings on the Web
ClassificationWeb software. The Library of Congress Subject Headings and Classification from the Cataloging Distribution Service.
Middleton, Michael. Queensland University of Technology, Australia site at:
List of thesauri/controlled vocabularies software from WillPower Information

Introductory guide to RDFs
Iannella, Renato. An Idiot's Guide to the Resource Description Framework

Information about XML

Information about Topic Maps

Examples and uses of ontologies of broad human endeavor

Standards and authority files
Topic maps (XTM) ISO 13250:2000
Thesaurus construction US ANSI/NISO Z39.19
Monolingual thesauri NISO 1998, ISO 1986
Multilingual thesauri ISO 1985
USGS Board of Geographic Names for geographic place names

Taxonomy builder software
Knowledge Organizer
Semio Taxonomy
XBRL Taxonomy Builder, etc.
Autonomy Categorization
Purple Yogi
WebMind Classification
Hummingbird Fulcrum KnowledgeServer
SmartLogik--Structure--Gather Together
LEXIS-NEXIS SmartIndexing
Factiva Intelligent Indexing (Choose Consulting/Factiva Intelligent Indexing
Interwoven Metatagger (purchased MetaCode Technologies, Inc. Oct. 2000) (Choose Metatagger)
Sageware Categorization and Tagging Services (Choose Products/specific service)

Discussion groups/Mailing lists
Taxonomy forum

Topic map software
Topic Map Navigator
Open source software and training for Topic maps

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