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[The FLICC Information Technology Group merged with the FLICC Ad Hoc Content Management Working Group early in the summer of 2001 and retained content management in its title. The working group is currently developing its formal mission statement. Below is the mission statement of the original IT Working Group. The initiative section has been updated to reflect the efforts of the newly formed CM working group; the current members list is being updated.]

The FLICC Information Technology (IT) Working Group is an ad hoc working group to help FLICC members understand and stay current on information technology innovations and applications. This CM working group develops resources for FLICC members, provides information to help with technology decisions and develops recommendations that will help agencies select, acquire and apply appropriate information technologies. The working group also serves as a voice to government and the information industry about the needs for technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of federal libraries and information centers.

Specifically, the IT Group will assist FLICC in:

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  • Content Management Web Bulletin Board - Now Available!

    The Web Bulletin Board offers federal librarians the opportunity to present their ideas and questions to members of the FLICC CM Working Group, and develop ongoing discussions with other federal librarians on CM topics. The Web Bulletin Board is similar to a listserve discussion, except messages and responses are posted to the Web, not distributed via email. Post messages as often as you like, or just read the discussions others have posted.

  • IT Discussion Series

    The 2000 Fall Discussion Series on Web Topics was a huge success. The five-part series covered: XML; Web Redesign; Web Site Usability Issues and Testing; Dynamic Database Driven Web Applications; and Web Site Administration. Selected videos from the series are available from the FLICC Educational Video Library. The live segment of this series is now over, but virtual discussions are ongoing through the Content Management Web Bulletin Board.

  • IT Assessment for Federal Libraries and Information Centers

    The IT Group developed this questionnaire in 1998 to help federal librarians and information professionals assess the way information technology is being used in their organizations. The four-part instrument addresses:

    1)  the library's mission, size, and scope;
    2)  the organization's IT infrastructure - hardware, networking, internet, and software applications;
    3)  the library's use of systems in functional areas from acquisitions to reference; and,
    4)  the library/agency's approach to systems acquisition, funding, and staffing.

    When you complete the IT Assessment through the web, your library or information center's data will go into a FLICC IT database from which a set of standard reports will be generated. Federal librarians will be able to use the reports to find institutions with requirements similar to their own. This will help your colleagues benchmark their IT operations, identify other users of particular software and systems, learn from your experience, and perhaps establish some partnerships for systems intiatives.

    By working through the assessment, you'll develop a fuller understanding of the scope of the IT applications already in use in your library, and of the way your library's IT operations are tied into the rest of the agency. Finally, the completed assessment can serve as documentation of the extent of your library's use of IT.

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