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The FLICC Survey Working Group (SWG) is a standing working group organized primarily to serve as the steering committee for the production of the quinquennial statistical surveys of federal libraries and information centers. These surveys are comprehensive, dealing with the full range of functions, resources, services, staff, and expenditures of federal libraries and information centers. Dynamic technological innovation and emerging trends, such as public responsiveness, continually change the character of federal libraries and information services, their contributions to federal agencies and the public, and the responsibilities/roles of information professionals and support staff; current data are critical to reflect, track, and analyze these changes in order to describe the past and present and to plan for the future.

FLICC works cooperatively with the National Center for Educational Statistics, which conducts the actual survey and analyzes the data, in conjunction with the Bureau of the Census as data collection agent. Products of the surveys include summary analysis, detailed analysis on selected topics (both using aggregate data), a directory, and a database that can be tapped by individual organizations for subsequent manipulation. The SWG also:

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