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Documenting Culture in the Twenty-First Century

American Folklife Center
June 4, 2015. 1:30-6:30
Montpelier Room, Madison Building, Library of Congress

Disc recorder, cylinder recorder, wire recorder, digital camera, i-phone, DCRs, and other equipment that has been used to document culture.
Documentary equipment past and present. Photo by Stephen Winick, 2015.

Documenting and archiving traditional culture today involves working with technologies, methodologies, ethical challenges, and creative possibilities that were undreamed of when Alan Lomax and other early collectors went into the field. Those earlier generations used recording equipment and theoretical approaches that were state-of-the-art at the time, but a lot has changed. This symposium presents a sampler of innovative contemporary approaches to fieldwork. Some of them are directly related to more traditional methods of ethnographic documentation, archiving, and presentation, while others are a little further afield. Speakers will consider how evolving approaches to ethics, social justice, ownership rights, and privacy are affecting the acquisition, stewardship, and sharing of materials at repositories like the Library of Congress. They will also explore how such approaches are creating other, newer opportunities for archiving and sharing cultural resources.

This event is free and open to the public.


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 home >> events >> documenting culture

  The Library of Congress >> Research Centers
   May 20, 2015
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