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The Civil Rights History Project: Survey of Collections and Repositories

Student movements of the 1960s project

Repository: Columbia University. Center for Oral History

Collection Description (CRHP): The eighty-one interviews that focus on the United States were conducted as part of an oral history project on the 1968 student movement. This project became "A Generation in Revolt," which was edited by Ronald Fraser. The interviews cover almost every aspect and organization of the student movement, including the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, Students for a Democratic Society, the Southern Students Organizing Committee, Progressive Labor, and many more. There are detailed descriptions of the Mississippi Summer of 1964, the 1968 Democratic Convention, the San Francisco and Columbia student strikes, and actions at many other universities. There is also testimony on the women's movement, the gay liberation movement, the Black Panthers, and the Weather Underground. All interviews are transcribed, but several have not been indexed and abstracted.

Collection Description (Extant): The Student Movements of the 1960s Project include a series of interviews that cover student uprisings in three different areas of the world including 1) United States, 2) United Kingdom, and 3) Italy, Germany, France.

Access Copy Note: Some restrictions apply on some interviews.

Collection URL: External Link

Date(s): 1968

Extent: Typescript (5456 p)

Language: English

Interviewees: Fay Bellamy, Heather Tobias Booth, Paul Buhle, Carol Brightman, Jeremy Brecher, Karen Duncanwood, Mario Savio, Peter Shapiro, Charles Sherrod, Jose Limon, Michael S. Balter, Cathlyn Wilkerson, Terry Collins, Catherine Elise Cade, Elaine Plaisance, Teresa Meade, Andor Skotnes, Sue Thrasher, David Gilbert, David Malament, Barbara Garson, Steve Hamilton, Bob Hall, Jacquelyn Hall, Juan Gomez-Quinones, John O'Neal, Carl Oglesby, Harlon Joye, Barbara Joye, Jeff Jones, Martha Prescod Norman, Iris Morales, J. Eugene Guerrero, Jon Wiener, Michael Wallace, Rosalyn Fraad Baxandall, Gregory NeVala Calvert, Steven Fraser, Michael Frisch, Thomas Gallagher, James Jacobs, Gurney Norman, Patricia O'Brien, Judy Richardson, Mark Rudd

Rights (CRHP): Contact the repository which holds the collection for information on rights


Black Panther Party
Civil rights movements--Southern States
Congress of Racial Equality
Mississippi Freedom Project
Student movements
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
Students for a Democratic Society (U.S.)




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 home >> Civil Rights History Project >> Survey of Collections and Repositories >> Collections >> Collection Record

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   May 15, 2015
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