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The Civil Rights History Project: Survey of Collections and Repositories

Nonviolent direct action project

Repository: Columbia University. Center for Oral History

Collection Description (Extant): The Sheila Michaels' Nonviolent Direct Action Project is a series of interviews conducted and collected by Michaels with veteran activists of Core, SNCC, and the War Resister's League. Michaels, a former Core and SNCC activist, conducted 86 interviews. All with the exception of one are housed at Columbia University.

Access Copy Note: The tapes are freely available to those who wish to hear the tapes at Columbia University, but they must obtain Michaels' permission, due to legal restrictions on Columbia. Interviewees retain the rights to their stories & fair use conventions must be observed.

Collection URL: External Link

Digital Status: Partial

Extent: 160 Cassettes, 5 mini disc

Language: English

Interviewees: Chude Pamela Parker Allen, Maris (Edith Snyder) Arnold, Elaine DeLott Baker, Elaine Bibuld, Robert Belton, Karin Berg, Karl Bissinger, Susan Brownmiller, Cathy Cade, Owen Cahill, Gordon Carey, Val Coleman, Marjorie Swann Schaffer Edwin, Tor Faegre, James Feely, Mimi Feingold-Real, Selma Friedman, Donald Gammon, Evelyn Haney Gammon, Arnold Goldwag, Bernard "Buddy" Goodman, Jan Goodman, Naomi Goodman, Albert F. Gordon, Ira Grupper, Percy Green, III, Prathia Hall, Allyce Hamilton, Ed Hamlett, Bruce Hartford, Judith (Sarah Joyce) Mohr Hochberg, George Houser, Jean Houser, Joycelyn Boyd Jerome, Ina Sugihara Jones, Matthew Jones, Patricia Jordan, Bobbie Brown Knable, Lucy Komisar, Joseph Kruskal, Richard Landerman, Kathy Lass, Michael Lesser, Edwin Ross Lewinson, Winnie Lippman, Gretchen Lockett, Rudy Lombard, Rev. William Lovell, Ellen Hilton Lovell, Bradford J. Lyttle, Jane Douglas McCallister, Daphne Wallace McClean, Willie McCray, Sheila Michaels, Jane Bond Moore, Paul Myers, Frank Nelson, Juanita Nelson, Wally Nelson, Peter April Nemenyi, Charles Oldham, Helen O'Neal-McCray, Mary Lovelace O'Neal, David Owens, Alice Parham, Joanne Shane Plummer, Robert Reiss, Vera Williams Rhiney, Marvin Rich, James Robinson, Betty Daniels Rosemond, Nick Salvatore, Joe Schwartz, Norman Seay, Tamara Slobodkin, Patricia Smith, Jaffre Lamar Stewart, Matteo "Flukie" Suarez, Alice Thompson, Jean Thompson, Susan Wells, Mari Hamilton Wesley, Frank Nelson, Jean Wiley, Arlene Wilkes, Patricia von Yorck

Rights (CRHP): Contact the repository which holds the collection for information on rights


African American civil rights workers
Albany Movement (Albany, Ga.)
Civil rights workers
Congress of Racial Equality
Freedom Rides, 1961
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
War Resister's League


Sound recordings


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 home >> Civil Rights History Project >> Survey of Collections and Repositories >> Collections >> Collection Record

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   May 15, 2015
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