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The Civil Rights History Project: Survey of Collections and Repositories

[Voice of Calvary Ministries interviews]

Repository: Wheaton College. Billy Graham Center Archives

Collection Description (CRHP): In 1987, Paul A. Ericksen conducted interviews with John Perkins and others involved with Voice of Calvary Ministries and Mendenhall Ministries, related organizations that sought to alleviate poverty and address civil rights issues in Mississippi beginning in the 1960s. Life histories included in this series are:

Interview with Spencer W. Perkins - Collection 364. Oral history interview in which Perkins discusses his childhood in California and Mississippi; attending black and white schools; relations with his father, John Perkins; the civil rights movement in Mississippi in the late 60s and early 70s; and the work of Voice of Calvary Ministries in Jackson, MS.

Interview with Lemuel "Lem" Simpson Tucker - Collection 366. Interview in which Tucker describes his childhood and family, spiritual growth, education, leadership of Voice of Calvary Ministries (VOCM), John Perkins, VOCM's ministry in Jackson, Mississippi, evangelism in the African American community, Mendenhall Ministries, and racial conditions in Mississippi.

Papers of John Perkins - Collection 367. Interview with Perkins, founder and President Emeritus of Voice of Calvary Ministries (VOCM). Subjects covered include: Perkins' childhood in rural Mississippi, his conversion, the formation of VOCM, its program and significant events and individuals in its history, Perkins' philosophy of wholistic ministry (integrating evangelism, social action, and community development) and leadership development, racial and social conditions and attitudes in Mississippi among Christians and the general public, his arrest, imprisonment and recovery, the extension of his ministry in Pasadena, his service on President Reagan's Task Force on Hunger, and other aspects of his ministry among the poor and in the black community. Also videotapes about Perkins's work.

Interview with Vera Mae Buckley Perkins - Collection 368. T1 Reel-to-reel tape, 3 3/4 ips, 57 minutes. Interview with Vera Mae Buckley Perkins in which she discusses her family background, conversion, education, work as a migrant laborer, marriage, involvement in the demonstrationss that integrated the school system of Mendenhall, Mississippi. Finding aid:

Interview with Lue Shelby - Collection 369. Interview with Shelby in which she describes her family, Voice of Calvary, the health clinic started by VOC, health problems among the poor in Jackson, MS, Bible study for patients and staff at the clinic, racial conditions in Mississippi, and the VOC Fellowship Church.

Interviews with Cornelius Jerome "C.J." Jones - Collection 371. Interview with Jones about his childhood, work with the civil rights movement, John Perkins and the Voice of Calvary, Dolphus Weary and The Mendenhall Ministries, his philosophy of ministry, the impact of TMM on the community, and racial conditions in Mississippi.

Interviews with Judith Rachelle Whittingham Adams - Collection 372. One oral history interview with Adams about her childhood, her work with Genesis One Christian School, The Mendenhall Ministries, and the educational and racial conditions in Mississippi.

Interviews with Dolphus Douglas Weary - Collection 373. Interview describing Weary's childhood, education and religious training in rural Mississippi, conversion, leadership in Voice of Calvary Ministries and Mendenhall Ministries, impressions of John Perkins, and racial conditions in Mississippi.

Interviews with Artis Edward Fletcher - Collection 374. Oral history interview in which Fletcher talks about his childhood, education, and work as pastor of the Mendenhall Bible Church. Also discussed are John Perkins, Voice of Calvary Ministries, the black church in the United States, and racial conditions in Mississippi.

Interview with Suzanne Elizabeth Griggins - Collection 375. Audio tapes which include an oral history interview and an orientation session on the Mendenhall Ministries Law Office presented to volunteer workers. In the interview, Griggins describes her work as a lawyer for the Law Office, including examples of cases. Also discussed are her conversion and spiritual growth; African Americans; political, legal, educational, racial and social conditions in rural Mississippi; voter registration; Artis Fletcher; the Ku Klux Klan; and the church's response to injustice. The orientation covers similar topics as the interview.

Access Copy Note: Listening copies have been made for several interviews, and some tapes (such as those in the John M. Perkins Papers) may be heard in full online; click on links in finding aids.

Collection URL: External Link

Date(s): 1987

Digital Status: Partial

Existing IDs: 364, 366, 367, 368, 369, 371, 372, 373, 374, 375

Extent: reel-to-reel tapes; audio cassette and some digital copies

Finding Aid: Individual finding aids are available on the website.

Language: English

Related Archival Items: The Voice of Calvary Ministries records are also at this repository.

Interviewees: Spencer W. Perkins, Lemuel "Lem" Simpson Tucker, John Perkins, Lue Shelby, Cornelius Jerome "C.J." Jones, Judith Rachelle Whittingham Adams, Dolphus Douglas Weary, Artis Edward Fletcher, Suzanne Elizabeth Griggins

Rights (CRHP): Contact the repository which holds the collection for information on rights


Civil rights demonstrations--Mississippi
Civil rights movements--Mississippi
Civil rights--Economic aspects
Civil rights--Religious aspects--Christianity
Ku Klux Klan (1915- )
Medical care
Mendenhall Ministries (Mendenhall, Miss.)
Voice of Calvary Ministries (U.S.)


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   May 15, 2015
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