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The Civil Rights History Project: Survey of Collections and Repositories

The Force of Ethics in Civil Rights Oral History Project

Repository: Alliance of Ethics & Art, Inc.

Collection Description (Extant): Our oral history project, “The Force of Ethics in Civil Rights,” was begun in 2005, and in October 2013 includes over 200 video interviews and scores of audio interviews conducted by journalist and Aesthetic Realism Associate Alice Bernstein with unsung pioneers nationwide—men and women of all races who deserve our nation's acknowledgment and gratitude. The purpose of this project is to preserve little known history of the fight for civil rights—in the voices, words, and images of those who helped to make that history, and to meet the urgent need in America to understand the cause and answer to racism, explained by Aesthetic Realism, the education founded by the great philosopher Eli Siegel.

An important aspect of the oral histories is the collaboration of African Americans and Jews in behalf of civil rights. This has recently come to include research on the little known history of black colleges in the South and how, during the 1930s and '40s, they saved the lives of Jewish refugee scholars attempting to flee the Nazi Holocaust. These brave colleges offered them jobs and safe haven when doors to safety were otherwise closed.

Access Copy Note: Some videos are available online at

Collection URL: External Link

Date(s): 2005-2013

Digital Status: Partial

Extent: Approximately 200 videos

Language: English

Interviewees: Sandra Adickes, Fred Anderson, Inez Anderson, Muhammad Ansari, D'Army Bailey, Stanley Baird, Dennis Barrett, George Barrett, Marion C. Bascom, Jack Bass, Keith Beauchamp, Marian Bennett, Jerome Bibuld, Charles Black, Arthur Blackman, T. B. Boyd, III, Nathaniel Briggs, Tyrone Brooks, Ernest "Brownie" Brown, Russell Brown, Thomas Brown, Washington Butler, Jr., David Byer-Tyre, Marvin D. Chambers, Sr., Benjamin Chavis, Edward Henry Chavis, Sr., Wes and Missy Cochran, Clifford Cotton, Dorothy Crook, Larry Cumberbatch, Elijah Cummings, Valerie Cunningham, Donald Cunnigen, Constance Curry, George Curry, Jesse Davidson, Richard A. Days, Ernest C. Dillard, Sr., Richard Dinkins, John Dittmer, Alvin Dorfman, Israel Dresner, Frank Driggs, Lorenzo Dufau, Bernard Fielding, Geraldine Gallashaw, Edwin Edmonds, Jesse Epps, June Finer, Henry Foner, William H. Foster, Jack T. Franklin, James Gavin, III, Arnold Goldwag, Pamela Green, Ricardo Grijalva, Inge Hardison, Conrad Harper, Forrest Harris, Jack Hasegawa, Robert B. Hayling, James Hefner, Arthur L. Hilson, Julian Holliday, Joseph H. Holt, Jr., Leamon Hood, Benjamin Hooks, Frances Hooks, Jason Hughes, Doris Humphries, Princene Hyatt, Earl L. Ijames, Eugenia Ijames, Frederick Calhoun James, Kelvin Jervay, Paul Jervay, Jr., Johnnie Jones, Sr., Doris Johnson, Pamela Kellar, Marcel Kellar, Clarke King, Lonnie King, Rioghan Kirchner, Robert Kirton, Samuel “Billy” Kyles, Ted Landsmark, David Lawlor, John Lemon, Ed Lewinson, Celestine Parson Lloyd, Malinda Maynor Lowery, Milton Long, Bob Lucas, William Lucy, Frank and Beatrice Lumpkin, Emma Mashinini, Leatrice McKissack, Reggio McLaughlin, Joseph McNeil, Lillian McNeill, Terrence Melvin, John Mendez, Donald Minor, Bruce Miroff, Axel Meyer, Cecile Meyer, James E. Mills, Reavis Mitchell, Mary Moultrie, Charles Myers, J. Herbert Nelson, James L. Netters, H. Lloyd Norris, Leo Orris, Helen Chavis Othow, Boris Ourlicht, Rose Ourlicht, Cleve Overton, Major Owens, Charles Perry, Ledwald O.P. Perry, Matthew Perry, Rosetta Miller Perry, Mary Ellen Phifer-Kirton, Eugene Pierce, Eddie Ponds, H. T. ‘Tommy’ Powell, Herbert Randall, Lauren Rhodes, Enid Rocha, Taylor Rogers, Juan Romagoza, Rebecca Ronstadt, Morris Rosen, Bill Saunders, Roger Sawtelle, James Scandrick, Fred Scheiner, Hugo Schiff, John Luster Scott, Dave Sear, Donald Shaffer, Harold Sharp, Edward Sherman, Otha Sherrill, Beatrice Siegel, Samuel Siegel, Rosie Simpson, T. Anthony Spearman, Rev. Spearman, Ozell Sutton, Julia TenBrink, James Thomas, Jose “Chegui” Torres, Roberta Shade Tyson, Geronimo Valdez, Matthew Walker, Jr., William “Sonny" Walker, Ludye Wallace, Booker Washington, Onilaja Waters, Sandy Weaver, Msemaji Weusi, Nandi Weusi, Jefferson Wiggins, Emmett Wigglesworth, Cecil Williams, Henry Williams, Jefferson A. Williams, Clarence E. Willie, Kenneth Wingood, Margaret Wiseman, Michele Woodard, Addie Wyatt, Lennox Yearwood, Quentin Young, Bob Zellner, Ellen Zisholtz

Rights (CRHP): Contact the repository which holds the collection for information on rights


African American artists
African American civic leaders
African American civil rights workers
African American clergy
African American college students
African American judges
African American labor leaders
African American lawyers
African American politicians
African American press
African American students
African American veterans
African American women civil rights workers
Civil rights demonstrations
Civil rights workers
Civil rights--Religious aspects--Judaism
Congress of Racial Equality
Discrimination in education
Discrimination in employment
Discrimination in medical care
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
Labor movement
Labor unions
Medical Committee for Human Rights (U.S.)
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
Mississippi Freedom Project
Mississippi Freedom Schools
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Peace movements
Race discrimination
Sanitation Workers Strike, Memphis, Tenn., 1968
School integration
Segregation in education
Sharecroppers--Southern States
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
Voter registration


Sound recordings


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   September 26, 2018
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